Running English Camps in schools throughout Thailand is common for The River Asia. However, running five English Camps back-to-back is not. Yet our team was up for the challenge, and they did an incredible job!

English Teaching within schools is a real need in Thailand, especially in Southern Thailand where instability has stinted development. Nationally, Thailand has really pushed the learning of the English language in schools and work places, leading up to the creation of the Asean Community in 2015. At The River Asia,¬†we are committed to meeting our community’s felt needs. Therefore we teach English in schools on a weekly basis and also run intensive English Camps in primary and secondary schools because it is a need of our communities.

When we were invited to run English Camps at FIVE Schools in Narathiwat and Sungai Kolok for both teachers and students we immediately rose to the challenge. Each camp was loads of fun as we want to make their learning experience exciting, and by the end of each camp the kids and teachers were passionate about the English language. Every day we would run different ‘English Stations’ including: emotions, sport, songs and dance, market place and purchasing, prepositions, vocab and conversation. The students were eager to learn from our team, and would run to the next station they were designated.

Finally, our incredible team were made up of Thais, Indonesians, New Zealanders and Australians. Despite exhaustion setting in at different times, they continued to teach each day with such enthusiasm. They truly provided such light and hope to these schools.


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