Erik & Mariaana Klar

“We are here to serve the people of Thailand. To empower those in need to have a better future. Ultimately; We want to be Christ to this generation.”

The Journey

Decades of Faith

1946 - 1989
1993 - 2000

Arriving in Chiang Mai

First arriving in Chiang Mai for Language Training in for 2yrs, later moved to Petchabun in Central Thailand to look after the Bethlehem Children’s Home, but also working alongside an unreached peoples group – The Tin Tribe. They gradually gathered faithful workers to come alongside them and planted a church among these people.

Naan Provence

In the year 2000, the team, under Erik and Mariaana’s leadership, moved to the Naan provence, where they undertook a community development project, seeing many miracles and blessings in that area.
2003 - 2005

Hang Dong

In 2003, Erik and Mariaana moved back to Chiang Mai, in order for their children to go to school. The team soon followed once the project in Naan had been successfully handed over, and in 2005 they started their very first Children’s program in Hang Dong.


Today – the River Team has increased in numbers and effectiveness. The Team has grown to over 50 people, spread all over the Nation – from the Deep South of Thailand, the bustling capital of Bangkok, our main base in HangDong, as well as the various works in the mountain regions of North Thailand.


The work has also expanded to vibrant, modern and relevant churches in Hang Dong and Bangkok, community development work cross cultures in all sites, and a fruitful kids and youth ministry in HangDong, Bangkok and Sungai Kolok. As well as this, we have a training program, empowering youth and young adults to be training in all our areas, including Hospitality at our Café and Accommodation Centre.


Erik and Mariaana are thriving and loving live. Their son Petter is married to Heidi, and have a son named Hudson. They are the Children’s Pastors of Hillsong Brisbane.


Their daughter Erika is finishing her final year of High School in Chiang Mai, and will prepare to move to Brisbane to start University this year.

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