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TheRiver.Asia Church Planting & Growth (M143)


TheRiver.Asia is planting vibrant, lively, culturally relevant and locally-led Spirit-filled churches in both rural and urban settings and is empowering existing churches to grow and thrive.

The Christian church in Thailand represents about 1% of the population.  The Pentecostal church just a fraction of that.  Thailand is a very unreached People group.  Existing churches typically have declining attendance, particularly in the youth and young adult age groups.  TheRiver.Asia has received requests from within Thailand and from neighbouring nations to model and train how to build relevant churches for the next generation.


Typically rural Thais are animistic and fearful of changing their spiritual affiliation. Church congregations are in need of personal encounters with the Holy Spirit and strong demonstrations of the Spirit’s power to be assured that Jesus is more powerful than the local spirits.  The Thai urban population has strong national and religious affiliations that can be a significant obstacle for them to turn to Christ.

Church Planting and Growth (M143) is an umbrella project for a number of Church Planting and Growth projects run by The River.Asia.


Please Note: If any particular Church Planting & Growth project is over subscribed, the monies will be allocated to another similar youth and kids project. Donations to Area of greatest need M143 are greatly appreciated.