Visiting TheRiver.Asia as a volunteer

Visiting as a volunteer allows for total immersion into the DNA of TheRiver.Asia while having lasting impact on the local community.

Coming as a singular volunteer as opposed to coming in a team is to come to TheRiver.Asia for 2 to 6 months or longer. A letter of recommendation is required from the volunteer’s home church or other christian organisation. The volunteer serves alongside TheRiver.Asia team and is accountable to the sending organisation and TheRiver.Asia. Extension terms can be granted by following a simple term renewal process involving a review of the previous term and planning for the following term.

So what does it look like to come as a volunteer?

A volunteer can be involved in various forms of ministry, such as kids and youth, community care, school programs (such as English and sports), music, building projects and maintenance, leadership development, conferences and boot camps, as well as development work in remote mountain communities. A volunteer lives within team housing alongside the local team and functions as a team member within all aspects of daily ministry. The focus is to utilise the giftings of the volunteer to bring strength to the existing team.

To find out more on how to volunteer follow the link below.