Visitors, Teams & Volunteers

There are 6 ways that people connect with TheRiver.Asia.

Apply below if you would like to connect with TheRiver.Asia!


Groups who come to TheRiver.Asia, sent by a church or similar organisation, with a designated leader who is accountable to the sending body. Teams usually stay 4-14 days and follow an itinerary or ministry plan established by The River.Asia Team (in consultation with the “team leader”). These teams can be involved in various forms of ministry from English lessons to building maintenance, depending on the abilities and experience of the team and the needs of The River.Asia.


People who come to holiday in Thailand and use TheRiver.Asia accommodation centre as their base. These people set their own itinerary of recreational activities and may connect with the TheRiver.Asia Team activities where it is appropriate. They do not need to “apply”, just book their accommodation through TheRiver.Asia accommodation centre.


People who come to connect with The River.Asia Team for up to 2 months. These people could be seeking an exposure to missions work or serving in a specific ministry or trade skill.


People who come to TheRiver.Asia for 2 to 6 months to serve as a volunteer in whatever area is needed. These people are allocated work assignments based on their skills and experiences and the needs of TheRiver.Asia Team.


People who come to serve with The River Team for 6 to 12 months Their work assignments are quite general and intentionally very broad. The purpose of their visit is to connect with the members of The River Team, to gain missions experience by participating across the breadth of the work and to experience The River Team’s philosophy of team, life and ministry.


People who come to TheRiver.Asia to serve for terms of 1 to 2 years. Their work assignments are quite specific and the purpose of their time at TheRiver.Asia is to minister by serving in that specific area(s). These people have usually completed an internship with TheRiver.Asia prior to applying for a position as a “Long Term Volunteer”. At the end of their term as a Long Term Volunteer, subsequent extension terms can be granted by following a simple term renewal process involving a review of the previous term and planning for the following term. The number of terms that can be served as a Long term Volunteer is unlimited.